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  1. Please contact the missionary to find out which YWAM ministry center handles donations for him or her. Please give directly to that ministry center. Please do not give through At we are unable to process donations for individual YWAM missionaries. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Since YWAM is a decentralized organization, many YWAM ministry centers process donations for the missionaries who work with them.
  2. If the missionary works with YWAM but does not have a ministry center that processes his or her donations, YWAM Tyler, USA, can set up an account for this person. Call 903-509-5302 or email YWAM Tyler. In Canada, call 604-436-4433 or email Donor Services in Vancouver.
  3. Would you like to give to a YWAM student? Gifts to students in YWAM training programs, including the Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS), are not tax deductible in the USA. Please do not donate through We are unable to process donations for YWAM students. Please give directly to the individual you would like to support.

To give to a YWAM ministry, please give directly to that ministry. We're sorry but we are unable to process funds for specific ministries through this website.

  • To give directly, search on for the YWAM ministry you want to support, and use the inquiry form to ask them how best to send your donation. Some YWAM locations may already offer donation options on their website.



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